Western Reserve Executive Update: 03/25/2020

Full Executive Update_ Western Reserve_03.25.2020
our COnnected community
  • We are very fortunate to be working in a community that supports us as much as we support them, especially as we all face the COVID-19 crisis together
  • Our Chamber leaders are great examples. Laura Petrella, CEO, Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, and Jennifer Cork, Executive Director, Stow-Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce, continually promote Western Reserve Hospital in many ways
  • As liaisons to the chamber, they allow us to stay connected and engaged with our community by promoting information about Western Reserve Hospital, sharing our outreach efforts and constantly introducing us to new organizations
  • These connections have opened the door for us to show our support for local businesses through donations and sponsorships in addition to hosting events to educate each other on how we lead successful businesses in our area
  • Most recently, this led to donations of critical supplies that may be needed due to treatment of COVID-19 patients. We received messages from businesses and individuals asking how they can help us. As a result, we received supplies including sanitizer, exam gloves, face masks and other items from many, including:
    • Woodridge Schools
    • Cuyahoga Falls Schools
    • Purpose Driven Therapy
    • Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders
    • YMCA
    • Belfor
    • Meraki Piercing Studio
    • Mertes Pediatric Dentistry
    • Modern Vitality Medical Spa
    • Explorer Pediatric Dentistry
    • Kenmore Construction
dr. kent provides insight into covid-19 preparedness
Dr. Robert Kent, president and CEO, joined other Akron-area hospital leaders in discussing how are working together to try to stay ahead of potential surge of cases coming associated with the coronavirus
  • The group of administrators, coordinating through their Akron Regional Hospital Board, have been in communication with each other as well as colleagues across the state as the coronavirus spread has worsened
  • Topics such as visitation, staff policies, clinical process and the ever-changing guidelines were all part of the lively discussion
  • Read the full story here
covid-19 updates and response
  • Communications regarding our organization’s response to the ever-changing COVID-19 crisis will be delivered via emails under the address of “WRH COVID 19 Update”. Please read these emails carefully to be sure you are aware of and understand the latest changes and news as it relates to this situation. As always, speak with your managers about specific questions you may have during this time

positive remarks
  • “The following notes were received recently, praising our compassionate and safe team approach to care:
I wanted to say thank you. Today my husband needed an x-ray and a follow-up appointment with his podiatrist. Everyone at the main entrance and all staff followed precautions and checked for fever and coughing and made us feel safe. They helped us through the process and were very kind too. We appreciate you all.”
-Christine Shambaugh
“My father recently passed away. Western Reserve Hospital was the first hospital he went to and after a long year of medical care all over northeastern Ohio. I want to praise the service and support provided by your facility: If I could rate this hospital a 10 out of 5, I would. The compassion, care, communication and knowledge is embedded in your culture and it was amazing. I must admit that when your hospital was the hospital my father chose, I was not convinced it was a good choice. With the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals nearby, I almost overrode his decision to go to Western Reserve Hospital. But now, realizing your dedication to caring for people, I would have been the one making the bad choice. Thank you Dr. Voo, Brittany, Chrissy, Alyssa, Ashley, Jacquelyn, Nick, Mimi and everyone who helped save (extend) his life (there are many more to list, but with this past week being such a whirlwind, I can’t remember everyone). All of you at Western Reserve Hospital saved my father’s life! Thank you again. I wrote this at the beginning of my father’s “end of life journey,” February 11, 2019. My father passed away February 14, 2020. After reflecting on his year-long journey, I realized that your facility, staff and experts knew exactly what he was going through and exactly how this journey would play out. February 3. 2019: it all began in the emergency room when I brought my father in to be treated. The ER doctor was the same physician that treated him the night before. You see, a friend of my fathers brought him to the ER the day before (Feb 2, 2019), but my father refused to be admitted and signed himself out against doctor’s orders. So when the ER doctor walked in to the room, he looked at my father, then me. He paused for a moment, then thanked me for bringing him back. The compassion and sincerity were overwhelming. You could see in his eyes that he cared about my father - even though my father was a mean, grumpy, belligerent patient who refused to listen to the doctor the night before. Once he was admitted, the culture was consistent. There were choices along the way, and your team clearly told me what to expect. They were clear and honest in sharing what his quality of life would be like if I (as his medical guardian) chose certain paths. It was communicated in a very compassionate manner. Your people were truthful in telling me he was in the ‘end of life stage.’ Although they didn’t know a timeline it was clear he would never recover and resume life as he knew it. After moving on from your hospital, when I shared this with the other caretakers throughout his journey, they disagreed with me and said he was healthy, except for his dementia, and was going to live a long time. I don’t know if they were trying to comfort me, but I knew it wasn’t true and the reality your experts mapped out for me was true and calming. I could see the changes and stages as I observed his journey to the end and with this, I was able to find peace with this journey and so did he. Always continue to stay true to your morals and ethics and be honest and clear with your patients and their families when they need the answers to the most difficult questions. It is so clear that your team is extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, compassionate, and life-giving experts in their fields. Thank you for allowing this life journey to be a time of peace and understanding for my family.”
-Deanna Anthony