5 Best Practices: Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

5 Best Practices: Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

We have several weeks left in our current Stay-at-Home Order and there may continue to be restrictions on gathering in large groups or you may have realized efficiencies in moving some processes and meetings on-line. Read on for five great resources to meet with colleagues and serve your clients virtually. 

6 ways to make virtual meetings more efficient: When was the last time you had an in-person meeting? Let’s face it: today’s work rendezvous are becoming increasingly more electronic. While online or virtual meetings can be convenient, they also detract from participant accountability by providing more room to lose people’s attention. When people are distracted, meetings lose focus and require more time for repetition. To keep your meetings— and your schedule—on track, consider these six tips and transform your routine.

The Value of Virtual Board Meetings for a Nonprofit : Having the option of virtual board meetings makes it easier for many board members to attend all board meetings, despite the busyness of life.

Host a Virtual Conference – 10 Tips for Success: Deciding to host a virtual conference – also referred to as an online conference – often seems like a natural move for organizations that already host face-to-face events or that are looking for new approaches to online education and events.

Top 5 Free Teleconference Software for Boosting Business: With businesses growing all over the world, there is a rise in the need for business travel. However, it can be quite an expensive affair for companies to pay for flights, meeting spaces and hotel accommodations. A good way to lower this expense is by opting for teleconference software that can conduct any meeting through video or phone calls, especially when they are available for free.

9 Steps to Leading a Successful Online Meeting: Today, companies all around the world are embracing remote working environments. Distributed teams are having to consider how to build good working relationships with remote colleagues and how to collaborate effectively, including via online meetings.

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