Finding the Chambers Hidden Gems

Finding the Chambers Hidden Gems

Way back in the day I worked for a retired Air Force officer. He was one of my favorite bosses because he asked such unexpected questions. One such question, asked of each of us while he was on-boarding was, "what do you know how to do that you don't do anymore?"

Oooh, juicy. I'm sure each of us answered differently; do you know how to garden but no longer have the time, do you know how to design a webpage but now you're focused on accounting? 

He later relayed that these questions helped him figure out what each of us brought to our current roles - previous job and life experiences - and what he could leverage if and when it was needed. He was the first supervisor that I would have, that recognized the whole employee. 

So, what do our WHOLE members bring to the chamber? I asked during our last Wake-Up Wednesday. 

Turns out we have a former teacher turned realtor, a former math major turned artist, former food and beverage leader turned piercer, former supply chain leader turned CEO, and a former marketing consultant turned auto repair shop owner. 

What a diverse set of skills and experiences each of us bring to work everyday AND what a network each of us have beyond the network we leverage for our current roles. Something to add to your small-talk tool-kit for your next networking opportunity; ask a juicier question. 

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