2020 President's Club

In 1987, then Chamber President, Bruce Redmon, Redmon Funeral Home, started the Chamber’s President’s Club. The donations by our members over the years have been very helpful in supporting a variety of needs for the organization. Since 2012, the fund has been designated to support scholarships for high school graduating seniors pursuing a post secondary academic degree or professional certification from a career or business school, technical college, community college, or four year college/university. Donations made specifically to this fund of $100 or more, are made any time during the calendar year and awarded at the Stow Community Pride Breakfast.

2021-2022 Board of Director Candidates

The candidates are asked to answer four questions: 1. What makes our organization’s mission powerful for you? What interests you most about our organization? 2. What motivates you and where do you think your strengths and weaknesses fit in with the current board? 3. What are your thoughts about our current budget and financial statements? 4. Have you considered which of our committees are a fit for you?

2022 Board of Directors

2022 Board of Directors


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