Integrity Auto Care Testimonial

We have been an active member for 4 years.  Membership in the Chamber has helped us in many ways; the networking alone has not only brought us customers, but local brand awareness.  Taking advantage of promotional opportunities provided by the chamber always brings an influx of sales.  But the most valuable benefit is the working relationships we have built with other small business owners, giving us a platform to both share and take new ideas for growing our businesses.  To get the most out of your membership, first take advantage of the opportunities presented to promote your business (sponsor a luncheon, have a table at the showcase, etc.).  Next, take the time to really get to know other chamber members.  Instead of trying to make a quick sale, dive into the wealth of knowledge that lies within our chamber.  Learn about their business models and what drives them.  You are likely to find an inspirational nugget of wisdom that when applied, will bring far more success than that quick sale.