Old Carolina Testimonial

Since day one at my first meeting, I was greeted with open arms and welcoming smiles from so many members. People took the time to understand my business and learn how they could benefit from my services. Everyone was so sincere and took the time to introduce me to other businesses that I paired nicely with. We are a new location in Stow, over the last year, and joining the Chamber has made a significant difference in helping to get our name out through word- of -mouth advertising and driving sales!  The Chamber took the time to welcome us to Stow by putting a sign up that was visible from the road so people knew we were here!  I was so impressed and thankful to the Economic Development Committee for taking time to do this.  So many customers raved about the sign and how happy they were to finally know where we were located.  The Chamber is so eager to accommodate our needs and help pave our road to success! They are now friends I trust and do business with on a daily basis and the commitment and dedication from all the members is proof that Stow-Munroe Falls will continue to prosper and grow! I can truly say you get out of it what you put into it!  I immediately joined a committee to meet others and learn from them.  What a diverse and dynamic group who is so willing and wanting to help businesses grow!  I love giving back and I am very passionate about learning my peers’ industries so I can help refer them to people I know and help them grow in return.  It is a “family” that truly has my best interest at heart and wants to help support my growth both personally and professionally. I can’t say enough about the members and our leadership team! Stow-Munroe Falls Chamber is the BEST Chamber experience I have had and would recommend you to any business who wants to help others while growing on the path to success!  It is an honor to be a part of this fabulous community! - Roberta