Calling All Innovators!

Our Economic Development Committee has re-imagined the economic development breakfast (since hanging out and eating danish together these days is somewhat frowned upon). 

To that end, we're looking for brave innovators who are willing to share their (dare I say) COVID pivot story. It may be perfectly graceful or it may have been terribly clumsy, but we're all here to learn from each other so spill it! I've said to many of you (I see Debbie, our Office Manager, roll her eyes on the regular at my mantra): chambers exist to help businesses address/eliminate the challenges facing them so they can start, sustain and grow their impact, positively affecting the communities they serve. 

So let's help one another, please reach out to me if you're willing to do an on-camera (it's painless, I promise) Q&A with a member of our Economic Development Committee about what you did, what you learned, what you may keep doing and what you'd never do again. Because as Governor DeWine says, we're #strongertogether and as I always say, #membershipmatters. 


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